New Token Zync-era ZKDX


zkDX is a decentralized derivatives protocol of liquidity mode built on L2 networks, which supports the trading of crypto perpetual futures, foreign currency, stocks, and various innovative financial derivatives. With a range of cutting-edge and innovative features, zkDX offers superior security, exceptional liquidity, low transaction fees, and a wide selection of leveraged trading products.

In the meantime, zkDX integrates LayerZero technology to build an Omnichain Aggregator of derivative trading, to concentrate the liquidity from different L2 networks to form predominant liquidity, and provides seamless trading experience for users regardless of which network their assets are on.

The vision of zkDX is to become the leading derivatives protocol within the industry, providing the most real and impressive value capture, and generating sustainable revenue through market actions. In addition, zkDX cooperates with the ecosystem of L2 networks, which is innovative and composable, providing high capital efficiency and a wide range of market products, thus becoming one of the most active derivatives trading platforms. 

zkDX is based on a completely decentralized concept and architecture and is owned by the community. Ultimately, driven by the community, zkDX will be built into a derivatives ecosystem with forward-looking ideas and technologies.


The trading fee system of zkDX is as follows:

Opening Position fee

When opening a position, 0.1% of the position size is charged as the opening position fee

Closing Position fee

When closing a position, 0.1% of the position size is charged as a closing position fee

Additionally, zkDX NFT holders have a discount on trading fees

Lv1 NFT, trading fee: 0.09% 

Lv2 NFT, trading fee: 0.075% 

Lv3 NFT, trading fee: 0.05% 

Lv4 NFT, trading fee: 0.03% 

Lv5 NFT, trading fee: 0.025%

Liquidity Borrowing Ratio

At the beginning of each hour, the "liquidity borrowing ratio" will be deducted as the fee paid to your counterparty. The hourly fee will vary based on usage and is based on (Borrowed Assets) / (Total Assets in the Pool) * 0.01%.

Liquidity Balance Ratio

In order to balance the long and short positions, the system calculates the liquidity balance rate based on the long and short positions, as well as the total liquidity, and automatically rebalances the supply and demand to create permanent liquidity. At the beginning of each hour, the previous hour's liquidity balancing ratio will be deducted, and this ratio will be updated based on current data.

In the future, after adding more trading pairs, different trading products will have different position limits and fee ratio adjustments according to their liquidity. The worse the liquidity, the lower the position that can be traded, and the higher the fee ratio.


$ZKDX serves as the utility and governance token of zkDX, providing holders with both benefits and governance rights within the project.

Total Supply: 1 Billion

Reserve Fund: 150 Million

Purpose: Intended for the Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) of zkDX and future initiatives to enhance liquidity.

$ZKDX LP Incentive: 200 Million

Purpose: Incentivizing rewards for the LP of zkDX's derivatives trading and $ZKDX token trading.

Trader Incentive: 100 Million

Purpose: Incentivizing rewards for the traders of zkDX's derivatives.

$esZKDX Rewards: 200 Million

Purpose: Incentivizing rewards for $ZKDX stakers and governance participants. The circulating $esZKDX will have its linear conversion rules determined through governance voting.

zkDX DAO: 200 Million

Purpose: Dedicated to the decentralized governance of zkDX.

Team: 100 Million

Vesting: 6 months cliff, 30 months vesting period.

Marketing: 50 Million

Purpose: Marketing expenses for expanding zkDX's influence and visibility.

Value Capture

70% of the fees generated by the zkDX Protocol are rewarded to the $ZKLP holders, 25% are rewarded to staked $ZKDX, and 5% are rewarded to active traders

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